Ciaran è Teàrlaidh

Fallen Marshall of the Elven Army; Commander of the Irondbound


Ciaran è Teàrlaidh (pronounced KEER-an EH THCAR-lee) is the commander of the Irondbound. A small, but elite force of Elven warriors, the Ironbound, who have forsaken their traditional path and aligned themselves with the Demon Lord.

Ciaran is an ancient Elf, who reach maturity during the first with the first men in the Northern Reach. Angry and frustrated by their defeat, he harbored an eternal enmity towards the human race, who he claimed only won because of their breeding powers. From the time that the Elves retreated in the Fey to create their secluded kingdoms, Ciaran swore an oath to destroy mankind and wipe them from the face of the earth.

Time only hardened his resolve, and as the years turned to decades and centuries, Ciaran grew more and more frustrated that he was not able to strike down the ever growing presence of mankind. Finally, he began to lash out. It started with small things, such as causing crops to fail or water to turn sour, but then grew into more bold actions, such as killing livestock or stealing wealth. He began to draw some of the strongest warriors to his cause and essentially wage a guerrilla war against human settlements. This quickly escalated to outright violence where he and his men began killing farmers, then merchants, and eventually wiping out entire settlements.

The humans reacted quickly when the killings began and they marshaled a formidable army to deal with the outlaw elves. Seeing the determination of mankind, the Queen of summer and the Fey Council ordered Ciaran and his men to never leave the fey again, and to reinforce this order, a magical ward was placed upon them that they could never leave without it being lifted.

This drove Ciaran nearly mad as he believed that he was protecting the Elven people and redeeming them. For him the fight had never ended, and with the Queen of summer’s decision, he made the only choice he felt he could. He turned to the Demon Lord for assistance. the Demon Lord granted him power outside of the Fey that allowed him and his followers to wear and manipulate iron, break ties with the power that held them within the Fey, and unlock daunting abilities of war to wage suffering upon the lands of Rul.

Ciaran initially feared the might of the Elven army, as his band was small, so he exiled himself to a remote corner of the Fey where he consolidated power. His arrival now indicates that he is ready to make a play within the realm of the Fey and in the Kingdoms of Man.

Ciaran è Teàrlaidh

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