Jailee Wainwright

Prefect of the Cult of the New God - Granville


Jailee Wainwright is the Prefect at the Cathedral of the Cult of the New God in Granville. She has served as Prefect in Granville for just over two years. Prior to that, she had served as a local priestess in Fernleigh—a small village outside of Sixton. Having shown signs of solid administrative skills, she found favor with Cardinal Bourbonnet in Sixton and was promoted to Prefect in Granville. It appears Jailee’s future is bright within the Cult of the New God.

Jailee is the daughter of a simple wainwright in Sixton. While her family was never considered poor, she was the youngest of eight children, and she realized that if she wanted a better life, she would need to seek it out elsewhere. She was drawn to the story of Astrid and the Four Truths. From an early age, she knew she had found her calling, and immediately joined the ranks of the Cult at her earliest possible opportunity. She continues to be a steadfast example of the Cult; however, she has avoided the trappings of other zealots preferring to take a more pragmatic approach to administering and ministering the faith.

Jailee Wainwright

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