Lord Evan de la Bourgine

A minor lord with a lot of money


Lord Evan hails from the House de la Bourgine, a small house that has its origins near Caercas. However, as the empire expanded, Lord Evan’s ancestors moved to the frontiers of the Empire’s borders to take advantage of burgeoning opportunities. The de la Bourgines were not the only ones to move, and as a smaller house, they found it necessary to swear fealty to the House de Tourneau in order to survive. The de la Bourgines remain a small, but faithful house within the Marquis’ province, but through general ineptitude and lack of good breeding stock, they had not advanced their position…until Lord Evan.

Lord Evan realized quickly as a young man that his house would eventually fall into ruin unless he was able to do something about it. Evan attended business school at the University in Caecras. Recognizing the burgeoning mercantile trade in the Lowlands, Lord Evan’s goal was to establish a solid foundation in textiles to restore his family’s fortune and climb the political and noble ranks.

To all that know him within Granville, he is a welcome benefactor. He has provided jobs to many of the town’s population. Provided money and benefits to throw festivals, tend to the sick, help the local church, etc. He is a local philanthropist, and the locals are quick to claim them as one of their own. By Mayor Trebonnet’s own admission, the city would have stagnated without Lord Evan’s steady hand and guiding influence.

Lord Evan de la Bourgine

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