Rickard Trebonnet

Mayor of Granville


Rickard Trebonnet is the long-standing mayor of Granville. Having been appointed by the Marquis Edmund de Stade over 20 years prior, Mayor Trebonnet has diligently served his community as it experienced the ups and downs of a small city located in the Northern Reach. While Mayor Trebonnet is generally a stalwart supporter of Lord Edmund, he has publicly voiced some displeasure with some recent administrative changes that came in the wake of the Emporer’s death in Caecras. However, aside from a recent criticism, Mayor Trebonnet has been a stalwart support of the de Stade family.

Mayor Trebonnet was born in Granville when it was barely more than a rural farming town. After finishing his initial education, he was identified by a member of Lord Reynold de Stade’s (Lord Edmund’s father) court as a promising and competent youth. As such, he recieved a scholarship to attend the Imperial College of Public Administration in Sixton, whereupon his graduation he was designated as Mayor of Granville—a new post at that time.

During his time as Mayor, Trebonnet has increased the textile trade and industry within the immediate area. His investments in textile infrastructure attracted prominent business within the textile guild, such as Lord Evan de Bourgigny and The Atmos shipping company. These organizations and individuals have greatly profited, which has increased the size of the city and prominence of the Mayor.

Rickard Trebonnet

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